Sarah W. Peck

Violin Restoration, Repair & Sales of both Modern & Baroque


I started my career working with violins at Atelier Constantin Popescu in Connecticut learning the basics of violin repair. I then traveled to Ireland to work with an Irish harp maker. Upon returning to Massachusetts I entered a 3 year apprenticeship working at Stamell Stringed Instruments, concentrating on violin repair and set up. It is here that I developed an interest in Baroque instruments and music history.

Wanting to really get a grasp on the early stringed instruments, I decided to enroll in a 3 year program for Early Instrument making at West Dean College in England where the focus was in the making of the viola da gamba family of instruments.

After I graduated I went to work at Stringers of London for a year and a half before coming to New York to work at William Monical & Son. It was here that I really began to work more intensely with Baroque instruments and  was able to study their history and development. In addition, I was able to work with players to achieve optimal sound quality and playability through sound adjustment and proper set up for both Baroque and Modern instruments.